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Top 5 Coins Under 100 Satoshis To Buy on Binance

Top 5 Coins Under 100 Satoshis To Buy on Binance
2017 was the year when some cheap coins made 10x,20x and even more. But not everyone got a chance to catch on the rocket ride. Some of the low value crypto coins were technologically advanced and thus the rise in price of because of their improvements. While some are termed as “ShitCoins” or “PumpAndDump” Coins. It’s true that some of those coins are really shitty coins and are favourite for pumpers as these are easy to pump. These coins are low in Satoshi value, low in trading volume and hence can get pumped easily. It is strongly advised to stay away from Shitcoins as these can eat up your investments. Invest in those coins which have a good team behind it and are technologically sound,and which will create the demand for those coins in future. In this article, i have listed top 5 coins under 100 satoshis to buy on Binance

PundiX (NPXS)

As per the website,
“Most of the Blockchain today is far from ideal, with an over-emphasis on technology and the under-emphasis on creating real use cases. Pundi X’s philosophy is not only to build a technologically superior chain, but also one that has real-life application. A good Blockchain should have a user experience and performance that are way more superior than the current product in market. And that’s what we have achieved with our Blockchain called f(x). Currently, f(x) is already up and running on internal test environment. And we will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of f(x). We will walk the talk with f(x). It will be a game changer with real use cases to support it.”
PundiX is providing physical crypto-fiat machines which can be installed by merchants and accept payments in crypto from their customers. The cusotmers will pay in crypto via the PundiX machines and it will convert the crypto to fiat before remitting it to the merchant account.
PundiX had an all -time high of around 200 Satoshis in June 2018. But that was when crypto bull market was over and flat. PundiX has huge potential and can easily give your 15-20X returns in next bull run.


When i got to know about HOT back in last week of August 2018, it was trading around 10 Satoshis. Just after few days, it went high upto 22 Satoshis in first week of September. 2x returns in just 10 days. But i still believe that HOT has a lot more room to grow.
Holo aims to change the internet and make it more human. It wishes to do so by working on the privacy of the internet and give back control to the users.

Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin, one of the most popular cheap coin is in a good buy zone these days. At the time of publishing this article, Siacoin was priced 92 Satoshis. Siacoin can go up till 600 satoshis and give you 6x returns from here in the crypto bull run. Do not buy full lot at current price. Buy in pieces and always accumulate when it dips.

SelfKey (KEY)

SelfKey is a blockchain technology based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity, securely manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and instantly onboard onto financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services.
At the time of publishing this article, KEY was trading at 88 Satoshis but back in early July this year, it was trading around 450 Satoshis. Part investments can be made at the current price levels.

Mainframe (MFT)

Although MFT was trading around 105 Satoshis at the time of publishing this article, it was around 80 Satoshis when I discovered it 15 days back.
As per the website:-
“Mainframe is the platform for decentralized applications. Resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption, the Mainframe network enables any application to send data, store files, manage payments, run tasks, and more. With the exception of a catastrophic asteroid event or an aggressive alien invasion, the Mainframe network is simply unstoppable. We build with five fundamental principles as our guide.”
The MFT project has a good working team and some solid advisors which had work-ex of Facebook, Microsoft and Google.
During the first week of July, MFT coin was trading around 330 satoshi. Still 3x potential from current price.
NOTE:-The above tips are not any professional financial advise. Please do your own research before investing.

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